Monday, June 17, 2013

Kat Prances blog is all about sharing. I have a lot to share with regard to making things, new websites I've discovered, my life as a working teacher and artist, and products. I can't do everything, so I look forward to hearing from readers with questions, favorites, tried-and-true tips on making mixed media art, and whatever others might enjoy. There are a lot of people today interested in turning trash into treasure, whether it means rescuing an old printing press or converting the rusty washers found on the street into jewelry. What is fair game for Kat Prances? Instructional books and websites; ways to incorporate unexpected elements into something new; how to join bits and pieces; where to find treasures (flea markets and city streets); artists (especially the unsung ones) doing interesting work. Art can be decorative or functional: add unusual elements to your scarves and hats, cover a journal to make it yours before beginning entries, make a string of art dolls---open to suggestions. As we go, I hope to learn more about blogging and making this a happening spot. I'd like to begin by suggesting some favorite reading materials: Cloth, Paper, Scissors: truly an emerging artist's friend. CPS not only has interesting ideas every issue (bi-monthly) but features contributions from real readers. I'm not a big magazine reader because they've gotten so expensive, but the variety of CPS means there is always something for everyone. Book making, mixed media paper and 3D objects, gifts, cloth....and their online presence is broad. You can get free how-to videos if you sign up for the newsletter. Share your studio pictures, see others'. Projects, news. . . check it out: Best of all, they ASK for reader art! And they respond after a reasonable time. I've submitted articles and ideas to "other" publications and waited for sometimes a year before I get a 'no thank you' letter. This is after I've paid postage both ways. CPS asks for pictures and a synopsis of your idea--a much more reasonable risk to take. You can often find a copy of this on news stands or check out parts of previous issues online.

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